Thursday, 23 April 2015


Brussels is the capital of Belgium is heart and soul of the country. It is de facto capital of the European Union stands significant from 9th century till today. The wealth of cultural heritage makes it irresistible and ultimate destination for foreign traders and tourists alike. There are plenty of historical museums that you and your children will never get a time to even blink their eyes. The sightseeing of beautiful parks and gardens are just as romantic as ever. The mesmerizing effects of its vintage and old architectural masterpieces are prevalent throughout the city. With so much to offer you just love to be the part of this culturally and socially rich city.
For a foodie and pure carnivore you would just love the new and latest restaurants opened in the city offering unique and delicious recipes.  There is something for everyone in Brussels. The chocolate fever is never over in Brussels. The pure Belgium chocolate lovers are always there eating and enjoying it.

There are amusement parks in Brussels that offers fun and frolic activities for everyone. You can take rides, have picnics or just enjoy leisure time with your loved ones.
Brussels have an international airport which is situated in the Flemish municipality near Zaventem. The Brussels International Airport serves its passengers the best quality of services and facilities. The staff of the airport is so warm, friendly and always ready to help. In addition, there is another smaller airport also serving well its purpose. The Brussels South Charleroi Airport is situated near Wallonia that is 50 km away from Brussels.

There is a port in Brussels called Brussels-Scheldt Maritime Canal situated in the northwest of Brussels. All trading of Brussels takes place through this port. Therefore, the importance of the city cannot be undermined. It is supporting and upgrading the economic growth of the entire country.
As far as the train system of Brussels is concerned, it is divided into three main stations. They are Brussels South, Central and North.  These stations connect Brussels to London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt.

Beside this, there is city public transport system in Brussels. The Brussels Metro started in 1976. There is inter-ticketing system is available for buying tickets. With these tickets, traveler can use both train and a bus for long distance. And you can also book for Brussels airport taxis for reliable and safe transportation.

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